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Presentation Guidelines

Virtual Congress

  • SIL2021 presentation will be in virtual, and the official congress language is English.
  • The pre-recorded video of oral/poster presentation will be played on SIL2021 virtual platform.
  • Participants can view the presentation video prior to the congress on the virtual platform starting about August 10.
  • Participants may have access to all presentation materials for first three months after the congress.
  • By submitting a video, you give SIL2021 the right to include your video in SIL2021 virtual platform.
  • PT Submission Deadline : 24:00 August 8,2021(KST)

Oral Presentation

Duration of Video 15 minutes Remarks

  • The Oral Q&A session will be on live.
  • All presenters must attend the “Oral Q&A Session”.
  • Participants may leave questions into the chat box after viewing the Presentation Video.
  • It is advised that participants watch the presentation video before participating in the Q&A session.
Format MP4 with embedded audio
Aspect Ratio 16:9
File Size Maximum 300MB
Submission Upload a file at “My page” or “Presentation Submission”

e-Poster Presentation

e-Poster Format PDF only Remarks

  • SIL2021 Poster Presentation will be done in e-poster format without any printed posters.
  • Submission of Video is not required for the poster presentation, but we strongly encourage you to submit the video.
  • For student participants, only applicants who have submitted a video would be eligible for “K-water Best Presentation Awards”.
  • Participants may leave questions into the chat box after viewing the Presentation Video and e-poster.
size(W*H) 900mm*1200mm
Video Duration Up to 3 minutes
Format MP4 with embedded audio
Ratio / Size 16:9 / Maximum 100MB
Submission Upload a file at “My page” or “Presentation Submission”

Recording video with Zoom

SIL2021 strongly recommends that you show yourself in the video using instructions in this document.
Showing your face throughout the presentation will be more engaging for attendees.

File Submission (Recording File & e-poster) : 24:00 August 8,2021(KST)

Presentation material submission is now available.
Please log into the SIL2021 website and submit your presentation file at “My page" or “Presentation Submission".
Step 1.
Profile Registration Abstract &
Step 2.
Detail view Edit Presentation
Step 3.
Poster file and/or VOD File upload for each abstract
* If you have any inquiries or need technical support, please feel free to contact secretariat at
    D27 22 AUGUST, 2021
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35th Congress of the International Society of Limnology (SIL2021)
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